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Recent Senior Project Titles


MAXWELL IAN ERIC BARNES                                                                            New York, New York

American Studies: “Rauschenberg’s Journey to Dante: Or How to Keep a Clean Head”

Project Adviser: Alex Benson

JAYDE TYRANIQUE DAVIS                                                                                New Orleans, Louisiana

American Studies: “Human Gumbo and All Its Glory: Taking a Look at Black Culture and Mardi Gras Indians in the Face of Erasure”

Project Adviser: Donna Ford Grover

RACHEL PERI PAPERT                                                                                     Brooklyn, New York

American Studies: “The City After: Crises in Contemporary New York Narratives,” an exploration of post-9/11 literature

Project Adviser: Peter L’Official


PETER HEYER ANCHEL                                                                
American Studies: “Fruits Are Ripe, We Are Fresh: The Rapper, the Emcee, the Cypher, and the Participatory Spectrum of Hip-Hop,” a cultural analysis of archetypes and activities in the hip-hop cultural movement and artistic disciplines therein
Project Adviser: Maria Sonevytsky
MORGAN VIVIANE DISANTO                                                              
American Studies and Historical Studies: “Smoking Out the Truth: An Early History of Southern Barbecue,” a study of the issues of gender, race, and class throughout the history of Southern barbecue
Project Adviser: Christian Crouch
SAMUEL WOODWARD FUNNELL                                   
American Studies: “The History and Democratization of Men’s Lacrosse”
Project Adviser: Myra Young Armstead
NORA ANN KNIGHT                                                                        
American Studies: “'Disreputable Houses of Some Very Reputable Negroes': Paternalism and Segregation in Colonial Williamsburg”
Project Adviser: Christian Crouch
ANNA CAROLYN LYDEN                                                                  
American Studies: “Consuming Death, Suffering, and Chaos: Visual Narratives of the Civil War, Vietnam War, and September 11th”
Project Adviser: Donna Ford Grover ’80
JEFFREY MILES ROSSEN                                                       
American Studies: “Competition, Corporatization, and Culture: A Contrast of Person-to-Person and Online Video Gaming Communities in America”
Project Adviser: Tom Wolf

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