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Recent Senior Project Titles


ANALIESE ROSE DORFF                                                                     
American Studies and Sociology: “(Ab)Normality, Adolescence, and the Politics of Need Interpretation in Three American Sex Education Programs”
Concentration: Gender and Sexuality Studies
Project Adviser: Allison McKim

MICHAEL JOHN DUFFY                                                                      
American Studies: “‘I wanna be like Mike’: A Synthesis of Sports Marketing from Babe Ruth to Michael Jordan”
Project Adviser: Donna Ford Grover ’80

QUENTIN ROBERT LUNDSTEDT                                                      
American Studies: “Back to the Country: America’s White Working Class in Literature and Culture”
Project Adviser: Peter L’Official

EMMET JOSEPH O’CONNELL                                                           
American Studies: “Privacy in America: The Traditions, Changing Ideas, and Response”
Project Adviser: Myra Young Armstead

EMMA GREENBERG REHFELD                                                         
American Studies: “Ban the Carriage Industry: Yea or Neigh,” an examination of the arguments around the carriage industry by a certified carriage driver in-training
Project Adviser: Holger Droessler


MAXWELL IAN ERIC BARNES                                                                            
American Studies: “Rauschenberg’s Journey to Dante: Or How to Keep a Clean Head”
Project Adviser: Alex Benson

JAYDE TYRANIQUE DAVIS                                                                               
American Studies: “Human Gumbo and All Its Glory: Taking a Look at Black Culture and Mardi Gras Indians in the Face of Erasure”
Project Adviser: Donna Ford Grover

RACHEL PERI PAPERT                                                                                    
American Studies: “The City After: Crises in Contemporary New York Narratives,” an exploration of post-9/11 literature
Project Adviser: Peter L’Official

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