Program Requirements

At Bard Moderation is undertaken in the second semester of the sophomore year. Through this process students make the transition from the Lower College to the Upper College and establish their major in a program. Transfer students entering with the equivalent of two full years of credit (64 credits maximum) have two semesters in which to complete moderation. The Bard Senior Project is an original, individual, focused project growing out of the student's cumulative academic experiences.

Moderation Requirements

In addition to the standard Bard moderation requirements, American Studies students are required to complete the following three courses in order to moderate:
  •  AS 101 or AS 102
  •  Two courses focusing on the U.S.
For moderation into American Studies, students should submit the two college-wide short moderation papers (on past and future academic work) as well as a 10-12 page critical essay completed in one of their American Studies courses.


Graduation Requirements

Following moderation, American Studies students must complete five more courses, as well as their Senior Project, in order to graduate:
  • Two courses, any level, focusing on the U.S. (in addition to those taken for moderation)
  • Two courses, any level, focusing on non-U.S. cultures and societies
  • A Junior Seminar focusing on the U.S. (Junior Seminars are 300-level courses with an emphasis on research methods, culminating in a 20-25 page research paper or equivalently substantial final project. It is expected that one or more of these courses will be taken prior to beginning Senior Project.)
  • Senior Project (two semesters)
 At least two of the students’ U.S.-focused courses must emphasize the period before 1900. In order to ensure a variety of perspectives on students’ work, both the Moderation and Senior Project boards must consist of faculty members drawn from more than one division.