American Studies Faculty

Christian Crouch
Director, American Studies Program

Photo for Christian CrouchDirector, American Studies Program
Associate Professor of Historical Studies
Phone: 845-758-6822
Office: Fairbairn 104 Expand for Christian Crouch<br /><strong>Director, American Studies Program</strong> Expand

Myra Young Armstead

Photo for Myra Young Armstead
Lyford Paterson Edwards and Helen Gray Edwards Professor of Historical Studies
Phone: x.7235
Office: Fairbairn 105
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Thurman Barker

Photo for Thurman Barker
Associate Professor of Music
Phone: 845-758-7572
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Alex Benson

Photo for Alex Benson
Assistant Professor of Literature
Office: Aspinwall, 204
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Holger Droessler

Photo for Holger Droessler
Visiting Assistant Professor of History
Phone: x6430
Office: Fairbairn 103 Expand for Holger Droessler Expand

Yuval Elmelech

Photo for Yuval Elmelech
Associate Professor of Sociology
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Elizabeth Frank

Photo for Elizabeth Frank
Joseph E. Harry Professor of Modern Languages and Literature
Office: Aspinwall, 303
Phone: 845-758-7220 Expand for Elizabeth Frank Expand

Simon Gilhooley

Photo for Simon Gilhooley
Assistant Professor of Political Studies
Phone: 845-758-6051
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Donna Ford Grover

Photo for Donna Ford Grover
Visiting Associate Professor of Literature
Office: Aspinwall, 102
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Peter L'Official

Assistant Professor of Literature
Office: Aspinwall 310
Phone: 845-758-7556
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Christopher Lindner

Photo for Christopher Lindner
Assistant Professor of Anthropology; Archaeologist in Residence
​Office: Hopson 304
Phone: 845-758-7299
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Allison McKim

Photo for Allison McKim
Assistant Professor of Sociology 
​Phone: 845-758-7899
Email:  Expand for Allison McKim Expand

Matthew Mutter

Photo for Matthew Mutter
Assistant Professor of Literature
Office: 304 Aspinwall
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John Pruitt

Associate Professor of Film and Electronic Arts
Phone: 845-758-7340
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Susan Fox Rogers

Photo for Susan Fox Rogers
Visiting Associate Professor of Writing
​Office: Shafer House, 102
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Julia Rosenbaum

Photo for Julia Rosenbaum
Associate Professor of Art History
​Office: Fisher Annex 111
Phone: 845-758-7157
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Tom Wolf

Photo for Tom Wolf
Professor of Art History
​Office: Fisher Annex 111
Tel: 845-758-7247
Email: Expand for Tom Wolf Expand